Joanna Martinez

Joanna Martinez

Business Advisor, Consultant, Founder

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I help businesses improve processes and results. Sometimes, that’s with a workshop or coaching for their employees. Other times, it’s by working alongside the team or handling a project myself if the firm is short-staffed.

With a career spent across many different businesses, I have relate-able experience and a bagful of ideas to help people step out of their routines, take action, and implement positive changes – aka “Positive Disruptions”.

Available now for:

⭑ Executive and corporate advising
⭑ Speaking engagements
⭑ Workshops on
Making positive changes in your workplace
Digital Transformation: what it all means and how to make it happen in a smart way
Improving Stakeholder Engagement
⭑ Hands-on coaching
⭑ Direct “roll up the sleeves” consulting

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