Cedric Wells

Cedric Wells

Director, Infrastructure Services

19+ years of combined experience directing, managing, building, implementing, and optimizing a broad range of IT infrastructure technology systems and services (including in a global capacity) has taught me one main thing: The world is changing way too fast to hold on to yesterday’s decisions when all the variables used to make those decisions have changed.

As a millennial business-driven IT leader with 10+ years of managerial experience, my greatest asset is knowing when to embrace something new and pivot. Companies must embrace a new mindset around technology and business transformation while improving the user experience to stay relevant, competitive, and desirable. I am a curious leader constantly seeking to improve by asking “why”, “why not” and “what if”. So, I am not afraid to take a leap when necessary because this is how we grow and become better.

I specialize in maximizing business results with a focus on business transformation and customer experience. I have a proven record of providing the type of business leadership that not only produces positive change, builds strong progressive teams, and inspires others; but that also transforms high-level visions into strategic (and feasible) solutions that yield measurable outcomes. This includes productivity gains, reduced project-delivery times, infrastructure, and service delivery improvements, as well as cost reductions and revenue growth. All done while leveraging partnerships and great vendor relationships.

I was an engineer and I have also written code. I have seen and done a lot and so I am able to have technical conversations. At the same time, I can address technical concerns with the appropriate language and at the right level, such that senior executive teams, stakeholders, and employees can understand, and get their buy-in – whilst negotiating and persuading where necessary.

I enthusiastically believe that alone we are smart but that is not enough. As a team, we are so much more – geniuses in fact. And that emotional intelligence (EQ) in tech is underrated but will become one of the most valued sets of skills soon. The value-add from collaboration and being inclusive, when done through trust from relationship building, makes for a world-class team and should be the approach for true success.

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